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Sep 19

Why You Need Landing Pages with Your Search Marketing Ads

Why Landing Pages Matter

A few months ago, a customer who runs search advertising through Google Adwords asked, “Why do I need a special landing page if I’ve already got a website?” It’s a great question, and one that exposes an inconvenient truth about search advertising — it’s simple, but it’s not easy to use it successfully. No doubt …

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Nov 19

SEO is dead! Long live SEO!

Has the phrase “search engine optimization” lost all of its meaning? With two important search algorithm updates in 2012, Google devalued some common methods that website owners and search optimizers used to attain higher rankings in search engine results. During a session at Podcamp Pittsburgh in late October, the speaker said those optimization methods were …

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Jan 18

What Google’s Nexus One means for publishers

Google’s recent introduction of its Nexus One mobile smartphone is yet another signal to publishers that it’s time to board the “mobile train.” By itself, the Nexus One isn’t a huge advancement in mobile device technology, but Google’s entry into the phone market with both Nexus One and with the Android operating system last year …

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