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Feb 05

WordPress comment problem solved, sort of

WordPress logo

I love using WordPress for my blogs. For the most part, it’s really simple to set up and use, and with the amazing number of plug-ins, you can run a website with almost no programming knowledge. I’ve had my self-hosted blog for about six years, and it’s been a good experience, although my blog posting …

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Jan 11

I am NOT weird … enough

I’ve been stewing for a while about Seth Godin’s notion (assertion?) that “We Are All Weird.” That’s the title of his most recent book, which describes the demise of “mass,” as in mass marketing, mass education and opiate of the masses. The 97-page book’s theme hits home because the failure of “mass” is a root …

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Dec 29

Tampa newspaper layoffs cut deeper than others

The Tampa Tribune laid off 165 employees a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was just another straw on the back of the buckling camel that is the newspaper industry, but it vexed me more than many similar announcements over the last four years. I have two friends among those who received pink slips. I’ve …

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