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Jan 23

How to Get Started: 5 Anti-Procrastination Tips

Mark Whittaker looks for motivation with his cat

I get stuck a lot. In fact, I’ve been stuck for about an hour trying to figure out what to write for my fifth entry in the Your Turn Challenge. Lucky for me the challenge organizer prepared some daily prompts to help us get started. Today’s prompt: What advice would you give for getting unstuck? …

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Jan 19

Accepting the Your Turn Challenge

Mark Whittaker at manual typewriter

I’m supposed to ship a blog post for seven straight days, starting in the next, oh, two hours or so. Some things never change. I like to write. I don’t suck at it. I launched a 30-year newspaper career based on my desire to write and tell people stuff. During my college freshman year, I …

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Jan 04

My Three Words for 2015

Three Words 2015 - Read-Write-Share

A few of my favorite thinkers take a different approach to New Year’s resolutions. Instead of listing things they hope to accomplish in the coming year, they select three one-word themes. Author, marketer and business cheerleader Chris Brogan started the practice in 2006. By applying themes to his goal-setting process, Chris gives himself flexibility to …

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