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Dec 30

If you ask, they’ll ‘like’ your Facebook business page

It’s popular wisdom that you’ll never get anything if you don’t ask for it, and variations of the bromide are oft repeated in the sales and marketing world (“You can’t close the sale if you don’t ask for the money!”). One of my online marketing teachers, Christopher S. Penn, often encourages his readers to come …

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Oct 25

Ian Anderson’s great concert aided by slick Web work

Ian Anderson - web marketing genius?

Last weekend, I enjoyed a fantastic concert by Ian Anderson, the lead singer and flute player for Jethro Tull. I originally planned to write a review of the concert, but this is an online marketing story instead. I’m a fan of Pandora, the online music service that streams favorite songs and others like them, and …

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Oct 15

6 ways to improve online writing

In the last couple of months, friends have asked me to review new Internet marketing websites they’ve built and offer advice. I look at design, search optimization and content. Probably because of my journalism experience, I tend to notice language problems first. I’m always surprised when folks don’t realize their writing is um, murky. Their …

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