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Jan 25

Is the Internet Disrupting Our Language, too?

My daughter and son hated to show me their English homework. Despite my intention to be gentle, their writing never completely satisfied their old man, who spent his days prodding journalists to write better. I remember being perturbed that papers graded by their teachers would come home with spelling and grammar errors uncorrected or with …

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Jan 19

Accepting the Your Turn Challenge

Mark Whittaker at manual typewriter

I’m supposed to ship a blog post for seven straight days, starting in the next, oh, two hours or so. Some things never change. I like to write. I don’t suck at it. I launched a 30-year newspaper career based on my desire to write and tell people stuff. During my college freshman year, I …

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Jan 02

The plan for 2012

I’ve got a simple plan for 2012. Write. It really is one of the things I do well, and so I’ve decided I need to play to my strength. I don’t know if it’s all going to be good writing, but it’s time I got into a routine of writing often. And often doesn’t mean …

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