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Apr 09


ser-en-dip-i|ty – 1. a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally 2. luck, or good fortune, in finding something good accidentally. At least that’s the definition in the Webster’s New World College Dictionary I keep at my desk (but rarely open because I so often use A series of posts on a discussion thread …

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Mar 22

Vote for Ellen!

Rowan Elementary School first-grader Ellen Casey is a finalist in a contest to design a ketchup packet for Heinz. In addition to being talented and cute, she’s the daughter of good friend Tim Casey. So, if you stumble across this blog entry, take a few minutes to vote for Ellen’s design at You’ll have …

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Jan 08

New Mexico update

Just a quick update: I’m eating a chicken crispito at Del’s Diner in Tucumcari, NM, along Route 66. Yes, THAT Route 66.