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Jan 22

Online Marketing, and a Little Baseball

Mark Whittaker Little League

The tagline on my website / blog says “Online Media and Marketing … and a Little Baseball.” It combines my vocation and one of my favorite avocations. I’ve been a baseball fan since age 9 or so, when I first started playing in the local Little League. I was awkward and terrible, but the games …

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Jan 21

Online Marketing: Anybody Can Do It

Online Marketing diagram

If you sell a service — anything from auto repair to tax preparation — you’ve heard potential customers or clients say “I can do that myself.” Try selling online marketing and social media services to small-business owners. Lots of them started their businesses after saying “I can do that myself.” It’s hard to argue against …

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Jan 04

Facebook fail: One reason newspapers are in decline

Social media websites can be dangerous places for public figures, institutions and businesses, especially when they make mistakes. There’s always somebody on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or on a review site like Yelp or Angie’s List who’s ready to point out problems and mistakes. Depending on your response, you can make the problem worse, damaging customer …

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