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Mar 30

Successful upgrade

Last night I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress, 2.5. Readers won’t notice much difference, but the admin side is a little cleaner. I’m looking forward to exploring it a bit more.

May 21

Centro Local Media Publisher Summit

I was among the local online media types at the Centro Local Media Publisher Summit last week (May 15-16, 2007). Shawn Riegsecker and his compadres asked us to write the five most important things we heard during the summit. Socrates advised his students to “Know thyself.” That summarizes my most important take-aways. Specifically, to help …

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Jul 12

Damning praise for Neilsen ratings?

From what I read, a lot of the buzz in marketing has to do with measuring the results. At Ad:Tech in Chicago on Monday, a Procter & Gamble marketing guy suggested the interactive industry come up with an industry-wide audience measurement tool like the Nielsen ratings. What? According to Online Media Daily, Ted McConnell told …

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