Category: Internet marketing

Nov 19

SEO is dead! Long live SEO!

Has the phrase “search engine optimization” lost all of its meaning? With two important search algorithm updates in 2012, Google devalued some common methods that website owners and search optimizers used to attain higher rankings in search engine results. During a session at Podcamp Pittsburgh in late October, the speaker said those optimization methods were …

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Nov 18

Is your business website ready for social media marketing?

Sports car (social media) driving on dirt road (old website)

During the last two years, I’ve written and reviewed dozens of social media marketing plans for small and medium-sized businesses. Less than half of those businesses have understood they needed improved websites to make their marketing efforts worthwhile. Without a website that’s easy to read, easy to navigate and full of reasons to buy from …

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Jan 11

I am NOT weird … enough

I’ve been stewing for a while about Seth Godin’s notion (assertion?) that “We Are All Weird.” That’s the title of his most recent book, which describes the demise of “mass,” as in mass marketing, mass education and opiate of the masses. The 97-page book’s theme hits home because the failure of “mass” is a root …

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