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Sep 19

Why You Need Landing Pages with Your Search Marketing Ads

Why Landing Pages Matter

A few months ago, a customer who runs search advertising through Google Adwords asked, “Why do I need a special landing page if I’ve already got a website?” It’s a great question, and one that exposes an inconvenient truth about search advertising — it’s simple, but it’s not easy to use it successfully. No doubt …

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Jan 21

Online Marketing: Anybody Can Do It

Online Marketing diagram

If you sell a service — anything from auto repair to tax preparation — you’ve heard potential customers or clients say “I can do that myself.” Try selling online marketing and social media services to small-business owners. Lots of them started their businesses after saying “I can do that myself.” It’s hard to argue against …

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Sep 04

Learn to be a Badass Blogger (or Writer)

I just had a conversation with Shawn Graham, and by “conversation,” I mean that I just finished reading his new book, “Blogging for Badass Small Businesses.” My favorite business books are those that make me feel as though I’ve just had a chat with the author, learning a little about him while also learning more …

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