Mark Whittaker

Mark Whittaker is an interactive media specialist living near Pittsburgh, Pa. He loves baseball, dark chocolate, rock 'n' roll and his kids -- not necessarily in that order. The views expressed here are his own.

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Jan 02

My Three Words for 2016

Three Words 2016

Start. Practice. Create. These are my three words to live by in 2016. The Three Words practice is an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Instead of listing goals, I’m choosing three words to guide me, to act as themes for projects throughout the coming year. There’s nothing wrong with goals, but choosing themes creates a …

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Feb 02

Three Fallacies of Facebook Marketing

If you run a business, you’ve heard a marketing or sales pitch about why you must have a Facebook page. It’s hard to ignore the numbers. Facebook has nearly 1.4 billion active users worldwide. Of all adults who have regular access to the Internet, 72 percent visit Facebook once a month. In the United States …

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Jan 25

Is the Internet Disrupting Our Language, too?

My daughter and son hated to show me their English homework. Despite my intention to be gentle, their writing never completely satisfied their old man, who spent his days prodding journalists to write better. I remember being perturbed that papers graded by their teachers would come home with spelling and grammar errors uncorrected or with …

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